Add your BankNorth Visa® debit card to Apple Pay.
Set up is easy.  Payments are faster.  Your account details are more secure.

Pay With A Simple Touch

Pay Safer and Faster with Apple Pay

Apple Pay replaces your physical cards with an easier, safer, more private and secure payment method. Use it online, in apps, and in stores. It’s the simple way to pay every day.


Apple Pay lets cardholders:

  • Enjoy all the benefits of their Visa card on devices they use every day.
  • Use it almost anywhere they can swipe or tap their card.
  • Protect their card information.

Add Card

Adding your card is simple.  Here’s how to get started.



      • Open the Wallet app.
      • Tap the plus sign in the upper-right corner.

Apple Watch

      • BankNorth debit cards are currently not Smartwatch compatible.

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